Compared to cultivated swiftlet's nests, naturally hand-harvested nests, residing in unpolluted rainforests, boast significantly higher nutritional value. However, their collection presents considerably greater challenges.

All natural swiftlet's nest collection operations take place within the depths of Malaysian rainforest caves, where harvesters must ascend sheer cliffs of 20 to 30 meters using minimal equipment and their bare hands. Each operation is a gamble with their lives.

Our founder insists on harvesting abandoned swiftlet's nests. This is because swiftlet's nests are composed of organic materials that are prone to decay and cannot be reused. Once fledglings leave the nest, the nests become waste. Therefore, harvesting swiftlet's nests not only benefits humans but also has a significant positive impact on the environment and animals.

The Miraculous Power of Swiftlet's Nest

Swiftlet's nest contains 6 out of the 8 essential nutrients required for glycoprotein synthesis, making it a natural substance nearly unavailable elsewhere. Additionally, the most crucial sialic acid found in it is 200 times more abundant than in royal jelly.

Sialic acid

Sialic acid is present on the surfaces of cells in both humans and animals and plays a crucial role in immune regulation, preventing viral intrusion, hormone synthesis, neural transmission, and other essential processes. Its content is 200 times greater than that found in royal jelly. Depending on the type of pet, as a nutrient for different cells, its effects can vary.


It can synthesize and repair DNA in epidermal cells, promoting cell renewal and regeneration of aging cells. It aids in restoring normal keratinocyte metabolism, facilitating skin cell regeneration.

The Effects on Pets

  • Boosting Immunity

    Swiftlet's nest offers significant assistance in boosting immunity. Recent experimental results indicate its effectiveness in inhibiting the influenza virus.

  • Hair growth

    Sialic acid can enhance the production of IGF-I in the skin, resulting in increased hair growth and improved skin elasticity.

  • anti-inflammatory

    Through numerous firsthand consumer testimonials, it has been verified to possess anti-inflammatory properties, effectively addressing skin inflammation issues.